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Important News:
Openings May 19, 2021

With the opening from May 19, many businesses will again be able to offer their services.

In addition to gastronomy, the gates will also open in tourism, sports and culture, each of which will require registration.

CORONALISTE continues to be a reliable partner for this opening and supports all of these areas. The necessary changes have been implemented and are now available at All old settings as well as the old QR-Codes from autumn last year are still valid and can be used as is.

Die neue Registrierungspflicht verlangt den Namen, die Telefonnummer und die E-Mail Adresse. Die Wohnadresse ist nicht mehr gefordert und wurde daher aus CORONALISTE entfernt. Weiters ist die Angabe des Tisches, Sitzplatzes oder anderen spezifischen Position nicht mehr notwendig. Diese sind jetzt optional. Weiters haben wir auf Wunsch die Option eingeführt, die Nutzer beim Registrieren eine Selbstbestätigung über den 3-G Status abgeben zu lassen. The new registration obligation requires the name, telephone number and e-mail address. The residential address is no longer necessary and have therefore be removed from CORONALISTE. Furthermore, the specification of the table, seat or other specific position is no longer required. We made this feature optional. Furthermore, upon request, we have introduced the option to require users to self-confirm their 3-G status when registering.

Also see our FAQ

And, of course, we remain free of charge in these difficult times, but appreciate praise and referrals!

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